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Giftocracy by Michael Tetteh

Nearly thirty years ago, in a tiny, impoverished Ghanaian village, a young boy dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player and competing against European powerhouse Manchester United. He ate soccer, slept soccer, and breathed soccer. Despite being told that he wasn’t good enough to become a professional soccer player, his dream was realized in 2011 after being drafted by Seattle Sounders FC and competing against Manchester United, in front of 67,000 fans. At twenty-three years old, Michael Tetteh had realized his childhood dream. 

Then late one night, an encounter caused him to give up the single thing that had defined his entire life—soccer. In one moment, he surrendered to a new vision and stepped into the unknown. Was he crazy—or brave?

Giftocracy takes you on an inspiring journey of self-discovery with author Michael Tetteh. Powerful lessons from real-life experiences, along with thoughts from trusted influential and transformational leaders (including Myles Munroe, John C. Maxwell and Zig Ziglar), will lead you to a new awareness. 

Become empowered! You can transform and transcend the opinions, conditions, and circumstances of your life. Discover the gift trapped within you…and share it with the world.

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A life of significance is possible and it’s not far from where you are today.  

Giftocracy is about realizing the gift inside you holds the key to your successful future.  

Giftocracy offers a solution for anyone who feels stuck. And the surprising answer doesn’t exist in a new job, a different marriage, or a change of scenery.

Michael Tetteh guides you to discover, develop and refine your gift as dreams you once gave up on reemerge and your true potential surfaces.

About the Author

Michael Tetteh (Tet-tay) was born in the Volta Region of Ghana. His gift for soccer was noticeable from a young age, playing for the Right to Dream Academy in Ghana at the age of 10. He left Ghana for Santa Barbara, California when he reached high school. 

In 2011, Michael played for the University of California Santa Barbara when he was signed to a contract with Adidas. The Seattle Sounders FC selected Michael in the first round of the Major League Soccer draft that year. 

After two years Michael knew that his true gift was coaching and teaching- helping others realize their greatness- so he retired from playing professional soccer. 

Michael founded One Kingdom Foundation in 2011, a nonprofit organization that develops the character of the next generation of African leaders.

“Giftocracy- Awakening the Seeds of Greatness” is Michael’s first book. 

Michael is a speaker and certified John C. Maxwell leadership coach. 

He lives in Seattle with his wife Kristen.