What qualifies you to fulfill your purpose on earth is God’s gift in you. It is not of nature, it is not mere natural capacity. It is not acquired through education and it is not bought. It is not human learning or the knowledge of languages, arts, and sciences: nor is it a special saving grace; for a person can have all these and yet not fulfill their purpose. But it is an intrinsic, irrevocable and unique gift. It is a gift given to us to bring peace, love, joy, hope and to edify others; and when it ignited in a person with all the rest before mentioned, makes that person very influential.

This GIFT lies in each person. It’s represented as a spark lying within you. It is a treasure put into human vessels, a good treasure in the heart out of which a person brings forth many good things, both for the delight and benefit of others: and this GIFT is by no means to be neglected; this gift should not be wrapped up in a napkin; it should not lie dormant and useless, but should be stirred up, cultivated, developed, enhanced and served to others. Are you ready to unwrap the GIFT within you?

"The truly great are the genuinely humble." - Michael Tetteh

“A gift without work will remain dormant in its potential” - Michael Tetteh

“The laws of the game are established to protect the game. The game was not established to protect the laws.” - Michael Tetteh

“Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership.” - John C. Maxwell

“True greatness begins by serving others and never by been served.” Michael Tetteh

“Nothing is more confusing than people who give good advice but set a bad example.” - Norman Vincent Peale

When you think you are someone, you stop becoming someone.” - Michael Tetteh

“Life is not measured by duration but by donation.” - Corrie Ten Boom